Selfcare is exactly that, taking care of yourself! Simples….

In todays fast paced society, we are pulled from pillar to post running to and from work, getting the supper on, transporting kids to and from school. For what? a scarce few hours awake and present in a home we spend most of our time outside of whilst we work to pay for it and all that that includes. We have children whilst we pay others to be present for them and our time with our partners is spent discussing worry and stress. The quality of our time with those we love is reducing as our society moves faster and faster.

For me selfceare is about stopping still and listening to what your mind and body needs to bring happiness and balance to your life. How can you be strong for your family if you run yourself to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion?

What do you say to yourself in your mind? There’s not enough time, it’s too expensive, I’ll just do this first, I’ll be alright after a coffee/suger/nicotine, its vain, its impractical, I don’t need it, I’ll look/feel selfish?


This is self sabotage and will not lead to the best you. So here is my top 5 simple things you could do to take better care of yourself which is just going to make you a happier you and we all know happy people are the ones we most enjoy spending time with. So why not maximise what free time you do get and make it happy quality time?

  1. Release Stress and free the happy hormones by playing your favourite song…heres mine.
  2. Get your mind to shut up for a bit. For this I use an AMAZING guided meditation, by the very upbeat and down to earth Paul Santisi, called Mind Silence.
  3. WATER!!! Drink two litres a day, it helps flush out toxins, helps maintain elasticity in the skin, aids focus and concentration and helps control snacking (if you feel like snacking, drink a glass of water.. wait 20 minutes and see if you are still honestly hungry).
  4. When you feel like you are about to have an extreme reaction to a situation, gently ask yourself what it is about this that has upset you so much and gently probe why, once you get the answer to that question you can deal with it in a way that leaves you feeling that’s its done and dusted and you will be in complete control. Try it once, you’ll be amazed at what happens.
  5. Create your own Spa Experience at home, create your own ideal experience.. shower in the rainforest, bathe in the Dead Sea.. See where your imagination takes you.
Here’s how I did it, complete with relaxing music on in the background and a single use sheet mask.